My three-book, TRANSYLVANIAN TRILOGY,takes the reader into a kaleidoscope of exotic colors set in Romania, Turkey and Iran, where governmental intrigues are little known and are waiting to be discovered. All three books, Treasure Hunt, Love Odyssey and The Gift of Diamonds, can be read independently or interchanged. The main characters are Marina, Cristina, Anca and Mica, four friends since their teenaged days in Transylvania, who were known as the Four Musketeers, Poets of their Lives. As they narrate their lives, their stories interweave with fact and fiction to reveal political truths that have never been exposed before, especially in a novel.Treasure Huntunites Marina and Cristina as they vacation together in Istanbul and unwillingly, get involved in Turkey’s and Iran’s recent Gas-for-Gold scandal, the largest gold laundering scheme in American history. The friends believe that Romania is at the origin when they remember that their Romanian leader, dictator Ceausescu for 24 years,…

Gender Equity’s Role in Artistic Productivity and Success - Ida Anglund

All of us have likely noticed the disparity in leadership jobs in the Arts held by men vs. women.  On May 28, I attended a Zoom presentation on this subject by the League of American Orchestras, a not-for-profit organization offering programs to advance American orchestras.  This country has hundreds of orchestras but according to the New York Times: “In the U.S., women helm roughly four percent of the two dozen big-budget orchestras.”  Why is it that in 2020, fifty-plus percent of the population is still so poorly represented?  While the League of American Orchestras’ presentation centered upon musicians and music leaders, these issues affect all of our artistic efforts as Pen Women.  Here are some reasons I believe more music and interdisciplinary presentations on this subject could help to build awareness and improve our odds.   Recognition and support through fair compensation, grants, awards and positions of influence “at the table,” encourage more productivity.  Without such re…


If you are stuck when writing, skip ahead to a scene you really WANT to write. No one is going to tell you off for not writing in chronological order - well, except for your inner critic, but we all have to work on silencing that voice when we're writing.

Writing a scene you're excited about usually helps resolve writer's block. The important thing is to keep writing!

Sarah Darer Littman

A REAL WINNER by Rev. Anita Kiere

Dear Grandson,

Thank you for calling me to tell me about your ninth birthday party.

It seems you and your friends had a good time. When you told me that you placed only fourth out of ten in your contest, you seemed to suggest that you thought of yourself as less than a winner. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It is how you live life that counts. A winner makes the best of any situation. That means that all winners put forth their best effort regardless of their placement in any competition.
The real test of a person’s greatness is when he loves and cares for the non-winners. You will find in life that sometimes you will place first, fourth, eighth, and even in last place. That is O.K. as long as you put in your best effort and are a good person. Some winners think only of themselves and fail to help the needy. To me, they are selfish losers, not winners. Yet many winners are good people who do not seek self-glory or first place in ever…


Make sure your sketchbook has a hard cover so you can rest it on your lap.

A Moment in the Covid-19 World by Cathy Horn

A small moment
Larger than Life
Short in duration
Yet everlasting.

We hadn't seen each other in 22 days
The longest we'd ever been apart.
She yelled when she saw me,
"MeMa's HERE!!!"
I heard her through the glass.

I saw her through the glass
Smiling and jumping
Giggling and screeching
Joy exuding from her little body
All because of me.

I made silly faces and
Sang our silly song
I showed her a gift I brought
to be left by the door
Retrieved later by her Mommy,
My precious daughter,
Once she dons a
Mask and
And sprays it with disinfectant.

We pretended to hug
And then we kissed.
I imagined the glass wasn’t there.
Yes, I felt her through the glass.
Her love coursed through my veins
Enough to sustain me for a little while
And I hope that she felt the same.

A small moment
Larger than life
Short in duration
Yet everlasting.

Hint of the Month - JUNE

“Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too". ~~ Isabel Allende