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Perrot Book Discussion - BEHOLD THE DREAMERS

Our book discussion series in conjunction with the Perrot Memorial Library kicks off on Monday, January 28th at 7pm in the Rand Room. Diane Morello will facilitate an examination of BEHOLD THE DREAMERS by Imbolo Mbue. Jende and Neni Jonga arrive in America from Cameroon to make a home with their son Liomi. After a series of low-skilled jobs, Jende gets a job in late 2007 as a chauffeur for a Lehman Brothers executive. Jende and Neni use the improved income to make a home in Harlem, enroll Neni in pharmacy school, and hire an immigration lawyer to help Jende qualify for political asylum and thus remain in the United States. The American dream is sweet for them—until a cascade of events weakens their foundation. Jende and Neni get pummeled by immigration bureaucracy, financial losses, unemployment, and growing resentment from the executive and his wealthy family. Jende, ever more disillusioned and angry, views America as a land of no opportunity. Neni sees America as her

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